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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Jörg Bauer
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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Jörg Bauer



Shaping Europe's Energy-Future

The EIT Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) InnoEnergy comprises 35 top European players in industry, research institutes, universities and business schools.


InnoEnergy envisions paving the way for an independent and sustainable energy system enabling a climate-neutral Europe by 2050 achieved by successful commercialisation of innovations, i.e. new products, services and business ideas. InnoEnergy aspires to develop ideas and people - and thus an innovative and entrepreneurial culture - to warrant a new industrial wave based on energy technologies and services in Europe and to become the global leader in sustainable energy innovation. The partnership establishes an output-oriented and self-determined organisation that serves significantly to speed up the transformation towards a European economy that is entrepreneurial, innovative and sustainable.


The partners of InnoEnergy are committed to a joint venture as an expression of a strongly-integrated and stable partnership which is clearly innovation-driven. The partners are complementary European key players in the energy field representing relevant stakeholders of the knowledge triangle. InnoEnergy will build more agile and dynamic interfaces between industry and academia as well as a new partnership among all stakeholders facilitating knowledge-sharing and cross-fertilisation. Innovation knowledge existing but fragmented throughout Europe will be connected and synergies identified. Moreover, central to the mission of InnoEnergy are people as the drivers of innovation. Thus, the joint venture to be created will strive for the development of leaders in technology and entrepreneurship, and promote and disseminate the entrepreneurial mindset throughout the knowledge triangle.


InnoEnergy needs to provide a new and concrete solution for

    * How to organise the innovation chain in Europe in order to speed up the innovation process and to capitalise on research results more effectively
    * The challenge of transforming our energy system to become sustainable (technology and innovation-driven).

Innovation Concept

The holistic InnoEnergy innovation concept has been developed to take into account the newest approaches and best practices to foster innovation and turn knowledge into assets. It facilitates the added value process of turning ideas into solutions and into products. Following this general aim the innovation model uses a simplified innovation process with revolving phases: exploration, selection, implementation and exploitation.

Education Concept

The InnoEnergy partners have a proven track record in designing and implementing common European and business-oriented education programmes. On the basis of this experience, the KIC education concept is designed to address the weaknesses of current high-level education programmes in the field of energy in Europe such as the entrepreneurial spirit of professors and students, mobility and industry involvement. The concept covers higher education as well as lifelong learning of professionals.


New energy technologies are the future. Are you a curious and creative student and do you want to shape this future? Then join our new MSc programme ENTECH and become one of the “Energy Designers” of tomorrow!



Technology Concept

To address technological key challenges and enable technology transfer in the field of sustainable energy InnoEnergy has designed a technology concept complementary to existing initiatives such as the European Strategic Energy Technologies plan, the European Industrial Initiatives and the European Energy Research Alliance. Cross-disciplinary InnoEnergy projects emphasize innovation and education aspects.

KIC InnoEnergy