Press Releases on Energy Research

Nr. Date Title Abstract Link
069 22.07.2021

Synthetic Fuels: Successful Coupled Operation of Container Plant System at KIT

Power-to-liquid Plant with Optimized Reactor Design at Energy Lab 2.0 - Synthesis Gas Production from CO2 Combined with Fuel Production read more
066 09.07. 2021

Refuels Are Suited for Wide Use

Practical Tests Reveal Positive Results for Pollutant Emissions – Ecobalancing Yields Significant CO2 Reduction Potential of Refuels read more
065 08.07. 2021

Renewable Energies: No Wind Turbine Disturbing the Scenery

KIT Researchers Quantify Energy System Costs for Stopping Further Expansion of Wind Energy Use in Beautiful Landscapes read more
058 22.06. 2021

Sustainable Mining of Raw Materials from Thermal Springs in Chile

BrineMine Project at KIT: Responsible Extraction of Energy, Raw Materials, and Drinking Water from Geothermal Wells read more
047 20.05. 2021

Quality Campaign for Better Batteries

In the AQua Battery Competence Cluster, KIT Optimizes Mass Production of High-Quality Lithium-Ion Batteries with Automatic Error Detection read more
038 28.04. 2021

Biorefinery on the farm of the future

KIT and the University of Hohenheim are conducting research in a joint pilot plant aimed at refining residual biomass to obtain new materials and energy carriers – a concept that closes cycles locally read more
037 27.04. 2021

Perovskite Solar Modules: High Efficiency on a Large Surface Area

Researchers at KIT combine laser-based series interconnection with vacuum processing of all solar cell layers – upscaling paves the way from lab to industry read more
034 20.04. 2021

Renewable Energy Sources: On the Way towards Large-scale Thermal Storage Systems

KIT and Partners Conduct Research into Inexpensive and Highly Efficient Thermal Storage Systems of the Next Generation read more
027 25.03. 2021 Hannover Messe 2021: Biomimetic Surfaces, Flexible Production, and the World’s Smallest Transistor “Future Hub“ and “Energy Solutions“: KIT Showcasing Selected Highlights of Technology Development at Two Virtual Booths from April 12 to 16 read more
015 23.02. 2021

Shedding Light on Perovskite Films

Efficient Materials for Future Solar Cells – New Model to Determine Photoluminescence Quantum Efficiency read more
004 21.01. 2021

Sustainable and Safe Batteries: Lifecycle Research

KIT Bundles Interdisciplinary Expertise in Two New Battery Competence Clusters read more
003 20.01. 2021

Energy Harvesting: Printed Thermoelectric Generators for Power Generation

KIT Researchers Develop Printing Process for Inexpensive, Three-dimensional Thermoelectric Generators read more
001 12.01. 2021

Thermomagnetic Generators Convert Waste Heat into Electrical Power Even at Small Temperature Differences

Alloy Film Thickness and Footprint Influence Electrical Power – Publication in Joule read more
107 02.12.2020

Energy Transition: Decentralized Energy Supply Based on Innovative Cogeneration

Practical Test of a Redox-flow/Lithium-ion Battery Pair for Efficient and Sustained Power and Heat Supply
084 30.09.2020

Energy System 2050: Solutions for the Energy Transition

Research Initiative of the Helmholtz Association Presents Strategies, Technologies, and Open-source Tools
073 02.09.2020

Accelerated Drying of Electrodes – Cheaper Production of Batteries

EPIC Project Aims at the Energetic, Economic, and Ecological Optimization of Production
064 28.07.2020 Anode Material for Safe Batteries with a Long Cycle Life Lithium lanthanum titanate particles enable high power densities even in micrometer sizes – publication in Nature Communications
062 21.07.2020 Open Source for a Global “Energiewende” Open-access software, benchmarks and data records: The Energy Computing Initiative of the Helmholtz Association supports the climate-friendly transformation of energy systems
058 09.07.2020 KIT Participates in Research Conducted by Four New Battery Clusters of Competence Alliances for agile production, recycling, utilization concepts, and quality assurance – funded by the BMBF with a total of 100 million euros
054 01.07.2020
New Process Enables Lithium Mining in Germany
Scientists at KIT achieve patent protection for minimally invasive technology to mine lithium in geothermal plants
037 20.05.2020
New Solutions for Fabric Biogas Storage Systems


At a Test Plant, KIT Researchers Studied How Fabric Biogas Storage Systems Can Be Improved
036 19.05.2020 How Efficient Are Solar Power Storage Systems? “Testbench“ Project Improves Quality of Measurement Results and Facilitates Comparison
025 17.02.2020 Roadmap for Battery Research in Europe The European Research Initiative BATTERY 2030+ Presents Goals – Research Platform CELEST with KIT, Ulm University, and ZSW Participates
015 24.02.2020 Data-based Optimization of Energy Systems KIT’s Startup greenventory Offers Data and Software for Utilities, Grid Operators, Cities, and Districts
012 11.02.2020 AgiloBat: Flexible Production of Battery Cells The Research Project AgiloBat Focuses on Future Battery Production in Germany
011 11.02.2020 Innovative Power-to-Gas Technologies for the Energy Transition Final Conference of the STORE&GO EU Research Project at KIT
005 22.01.2020 New Series of Events: ENERGIE – Wende. Wandel. Wissen. KIT Scientists Discuss Energy Research and the Energy Transition with Interested Citizens
160 05.12.2019 Up to 30 Percent more Capacity for Lithium-ion Batteries Success of Materials Research at KIT – Major Finding on the Way towards the High-energy Battery
155 27.11.2019 Optimized Mass Storage Facilities for the Future Energy System KIT Develops Low-cost Energy Storage Systems Suited for Series Production and Use in a Flexible Power Grid
151 18.11.2019 Combining the Best Properties: New Material Concept for Solar Cells Carl Zeiss Foundation Funds New Research Project of KIT with EUR 4.5 Million
141 29.10.2019 Hydrogen from Natural Gas without CO2 Emissions KIT and Wintershall Dea Launch Collaboration on Climate-friendly Industrial-scale Methane Pyrolysis
133 10.10.2019 Calcium Batteries: New Electrolytes, Enhanced Properties KIT and Helmholtz Institute Ulm (HIU) Develop First Electrolytes for Calcium Batteries with Acceptable Properties at Room Temperature
121 20.09.2019 The perfect solar cell: How ferroelectricity improves power harvesting in perovskite solar cells The Helmholtz Association awards Erwin Schrödinger Research Prize to KIT researchers
111 02.09.2019 Tandem Solar Modules: One-Two Combination Packs a More Powerful Punch Perovskite/ CIGS semiconductor pairing promises to boost photovoltaic efficiency
107 19.08.2019 Carbon-neutral Fuels from Air and Green Power Government-funded Kopernikus Project P2X: Integrated Container-scale Test Facility Produces Fuels from the Air-captured Carbon Dioxide and Green Power
103 30.07.2019 Battery Production at Record Speed Innovative Processes: KIT is Technology Leader in the Production of Battery Electrodes
097 17.07.2019 Highly Efficient Solar Cells Thanks to Solid Foundation KIT Researchers Develop Novel Transport Layer for Highly Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells
058 30.04.2019 Crowd Oil – Fuels From Air-conditioning Systems Researchers Want to Use Air-conditioning and Ventilation Systems for Decentralized Production of Carbon-neutral Synthetic Fuels – Publication in Nature Communications
055 24.04.2019 Artificial Intelligence Improves Power Transmission PrognoNetz: Self-learning Sensor Networks to Predict the Resilience of Overhead Lines – Adapting Operation to Weather for Optimal Use of the Grid
054 23.04.2019 Sodium-Ion Batteries: from Materials Development to Technology Innovation Within the TRANSITION Project, KIT, HIU and partners will develop powerful Sodium-ion battery prototypes for future application in electro-mobility and stationary energy storage.
051 15.04.2019 KIT Tests Sector Coupling in Real-world Lab SEKO Project Tests Strategies and Technologies for Climate-friendly Interconnection of Energy Systems on the Real-world Lab Scale – BMBF Funding of EUR 6.5 Million
044 26.03.2019 Inaugural Event for “Excellent“ Energy Research Official Opening of the CELEST Research Platform and POLiS Battery Cluster of Excellence
039 13.03.2019 Energy-efficient Superconducting Cable for Future Technologies The “HTS CroCo” Made by KIT Can Transport Large Amounts of Electric Power – Innovative Manufacturing Process Makes It a Potential Mass Product
032 28.02.2019 Europe-wide Research for Future Batteries European Initiative BATTERY 2030+ Brings Together Leading Science Institutions – One of the Partners Is the CELEST Research Platform of KIT, Ulm University, and ZSW
030 27.02.2019 Chemical Storage of Renewable Energies KIT Coordinates Germany-wide DFG Priority Program – Investigation of Catalytic Systems under Fluctuating Operation Conditions When Using Wind and Solar Energy
029 26.02.2019 Sustainable Battery Production in Europe Within the Si-DRIVE European Research Project, KIT, HIU, and Partners Will Develop Innovative Solutions – Their Goal Is to Establish a European Lithium-ion Battery Production
024 18.02.2019 Storing Energy with Eggshells For the First Time, a Research Group Successfully Uses Eggshells as Electrode for Energy Storage
014 04.02.2019 Liquid Metal Research: New Solutions for the Energy Transition Technologies Made by KIT Can Essentially Contribute to Climate Protection
009 21.01.2019 Photovoltaics – Versatile in Shape and Color PRINTPERO: German and Greek Researchers team up with Industrial Partners to Develop Printed Perovskite Solar Modules for Flexible Use in Buildings
008 18.01.2019 Research Offensive on Regenerative Fuels Start of the Project “reFuels – Re-thinking Fuels” – State Transport Minister Hermann: “Fuel Production with the Help of Renewable Energy Serves Climate Protection”
001 03.01.2019 Magnesium Batteries: Dawn of the Post-lithium Era Within the European Research Project E-MAGIC, KIT and Helmholtz Institute Ulm (HIU) Develop a Magnesium-based Energy Storage Technology together with Cooperation Partners
165 19.12.2018 Fuels for Climate-neutral Airplanes “PowerFuel” Project Prepares Commercialization of Synthetic Kerosene from Renewable Electricity and Airborne Carbon Dioxide at KIT
161 11.12.2018 INERATEC Wins First Lothar Späth Award KIT’s Spinoff Is Granted New Innovation Award for Decentralized Chemical Reactor Technology that Fits into a Ship Container
155 30.11.2018 Science: High Pressure Orders Electrons Researchers at KIT Examine Competing States in High-Temperature Superconductors – Publication in Science
151 23.11.2018 Innovation Award for Climate-Friendly Methane Cracking Producing Hydrogen from Natural Gas without Emissions: German Gas Industry Honors a Process Developed by Researchers from Karlsruhe and Potsdam – KIT Spin-Off Ineratec Receives Special Award for Innovative Startups
127 09.10.2018 NADINE: Power-Plant-Scale Energy Storage KIT, DLR, and Stuttgart University Sign Agreement on the Establishment of NADINE for Highly Efficient and Low-cost Large Energy Storage Systems
126 08.10.2018 Next-Generation Batteries for E-mobility and Stationary Storage Systems KIT Is Partner of the BMBF-funded “FestBatt” Competence Cluster to Develop and Produce Novel Solid-state Batteries
113 18.09.2018 Disorder Can Stabilize Batteries High-entropy Oxides (HEO) Open up New Opportunties of Reversible Energy Storage - Publication in Nature Communications
110 14.09.2018 Methane-based Fuels for the Transport and Energy Sectors MethQuest Lead Project Launched – Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy Provides EUR 19 Million – 27 Partners from Research, Industry, and the Energy Sector
109 13.09.2018 Conference “Energy Scenarios“ International Experts Will Meet to Discuss Energy Scenarios in Karlsruhe on September 24 and 25, 2018
108 12.09.2018 German Entrepreneur Award for Fuels from Mini Reactors KIT’s Spinoff Ineratec Is the Best Startup in Germany
107 11.09.2018 Production of Renewable Gas from Waste Wood Biomass-based Synthetic Natural Gas: Test of New Methanation Plant in Sweden
105 10.09.2018 Saving Energy with User-friendly Buildings Researchers from Karlsruhe and Ottawa Coordinate International Research Project on the Relationship between User Behavior and Energy Performance of Buildings
104 06.09.2018 Smart Grids: Enhancing Resilience Critical Infrastructures Increasingly Depend on Information and Communication Systems – Energy Supply Is Susceptible to Disturbances – KIT Researchers Develop Solutions
103 30.08.2018 Peter Würfel Receives Becquerel Prize of the European Commission Recognition of Würfel’s Fundamental Contribution to the Theory of Photovoltaic Energy Conversion – KIT’s Solar Cell Research Extends from Innovative Materials to Light Management
098 15.08.2018 CELEST: New Benchmarks in Energy Storage Research Start of the Biggest German Research Platform for Electrochemical Storage Systems – Research into Lithium-ion Batteries, Post-Lithiium Technologies, Fuel Cells, and Redox-flow Batteries
095 06.08.2018 Aquifers for Environmentally Compatible Cooling and Heating Geoscientists Study Possibilities of Heat and Cold Storage in Aquifers
088 20.07.2018 Research Initiative on Regenerative Fuels Policy Dialogue on Automotive Industry: State Government, KIT, and Industry Agree on ”reFuels - Rethinking Fuels“ Project to Explore Alternatives to Fossil Fuels
084 17.07.2018 Diamond – An Indispensable Material in Fusion Technology KIT Researchers Develop Window Units with Diamond Disks for Fusion Reactors – New Disk with a Record Diameter of 180 mm
082 10.07.2018 Renewable Fuel from the Sewage Treatment Plant Pilot Plant near Barcelona Produces Synthetic Natural Gas from Renewable Electricity and Carbon Dioxide – Its Core Component Is Made by INERATEC, a Spinoff of KIT
077 28.06.2018 New Superconductor Technology for the Transmission Grid Researchers Design Superconducting Cable for High-voltage Power Transmission– Feasibility Study Reveals Advantages over Conventional Cable Systems
073 19.06.2018 10 Years of KIT Energy Center On June 26, 2018 the KIT Energy Center Is Celebrating its Anniversary – The Program also Includes the Presentation of the Heinrich Hertz Award
047 24.04.2018 Live and Precise Recording of Grid Voltage and Load Currents The EDR – Electrical Data Recorder Supplies High-resolution Measurement Data from Grid Operation
039 11.04.2018 Redox Flow Battery: Storage System for the Energy Transition KIT Researchers Expect Breakthrough of Flow Technology and Present an Automatic Battery Management System
036 05.04.2018 Microenergy Supply without Battery and Cable KIT’s Startup otego GmbH Has Developed “oTEG,“ the First Commercial Printed Thermoelectric Generator Worldwide
035 04.04.2018 Why Perovskite Solar Cells Are So Efficient KIT Researchers Gain New Insight into Optoelectronic Properties – “Featured Article” in Applied Physics Letters
031 27.03.2018 Hannover Messe: Innovative Technologies for Indus-try 4.0, E-mobility, and the Energy Transition KIT Presents Innovations at Two Stands: At the Leading Trade Shows “Research & Technology” in Hall 2 and “Energy” in Hall 27
028 15.03.2018 Optimized Positioning of Geothermal Boreholes Reduces Seismicity KIT Researchers Study the Role of Stress Changes under Induced Seismicity
027 14.03.2018 Scenario 2050: Lithium and Cobalt might not suffice With the increased significance of lithium-ion batteries, the pressure on the availabiltity of relevant ressources rises – Publication in Nature Reviews Materials
009 05.02.2018 Power-to-Gas with High Efficiency Within the EU Project HELMETH, Efficiency of Methane Gas Production from Renewable Electricity Increased to more than 75 Percent due to Thermal Linking of Chemical Processes
155 24.10.2017 Practical Test for the Future Energy Market KIT Field Test in Landau on Trading of Electricity by Private Households – Regional Electricity Trading Is to Push the Use of Renewable Energies
114 21.08.2017 Energiewende: Energy Network Experts Pool Know-how The Energiewende Works only with a Smart Grid – Storage Technologies and Their Integration Are Decisive for Stable Power Supply Conditions – KIT Coordinates European Research Project
 97 11.07.2017 Natural Molecule to Boost the Performance of Electrodes for Rechargeable Batteries Lab tests show that a novel material based on the organic porphyrin molecule allows to charge batteries within one single minute
 83 26.06.2017 Energy Planning: Improved Algorithms for Decision-Makers The energy turnaround depends on how uncertainties are being dealt with – KIT conducts research on the mathematics for energy system technology – new professor for stochastic optimization
 77 12.06.2017 Turning the First Sod for the Energy Lab 2.0 onstruction of the First Energy Lab 2.0 Building Starts / Move-In of the First Scientists Scheduled for 2018
 76 09.06.2017 KIT Material Research Center Opened Opening Ceremony with Minister of Science Theresia Bauer: Materials for Energy Systems Will Be in the Focus of the Center – Microtribology Center µTC of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Studies Friction and Wear Processes
 09 28.01.2017 KIT Joins German Renewable Energy Research Association Joint Research for Renewables, Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage, and Optimized Technical and Socio-economic Interaction of All System Components
171 08.12.2016 KIT to Participate in the Smart Energy Supply Showcase C/sells Demonstration Project to Start under the BMWi SINTEG Program – State Secretary Rainer Baake Hands Over Approval
161 23.11.2016 KIT Material Research Center Opened Opening Ceremony with Minister of Science Theresia Bauer: Materials for Energy Systems Will Be in the Focus of the Center – Microtribology Center µTC of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Studies Friction and Wear Processes External Link
160 23.11.2016 Jointly Shaping the Energy Transition First Results of the “Karlsruhe Energy Research Partnership”/Four Partners from Karlsruhe Pool Their Complementary Expertise for the Energy Transition External Link
157 17.11.2016 Simulation of Lithium-ion Batteries DFG Funds New SiMET Research Training Group at KIT – Doctoral Researchers Study Mechanical, Electrical, and Thermal Effects from the Particle to the Cell External Link
156 09.11.2016 Power-to-Liquid: Pilot Operation of First Compact Plant First Compact Plant Worldwide for Synthetic Fuels from Solar Energy and Carbon Dioxide extracted from Air to Start in Finland / KIT Spinoff INERATEC Supplies Key Component External Link
152 03.11.2016 Microbes Produce Organic Plastics from Flue Gas and Electricity BioElectroPlast: New Biocatalyst Uses Carbon Dioxide and Regenerative Power for Low-cost Microbial Electrosynthesis External Link
151 02.11.2016 Heating Apartment Houses Sustainably Project Alliance of Research, Heating Manufacturers, and Housing Industry Develops Sustainable Energy Concepts and Heating Systems for Existing Apartment Houses External Link
133 27.09.2016 Record for Perovskite/CIGS Tandem Solar Module Prototype of a Perovskite/CIGS Tandem Thin-Film Solar Module Achieves an Efficiency of 17.8 Percent / First-Ever to Surpass the Efficiency of Single Perovskite and CIGS Solar Modules External Link
121 05.09.2016 EU Grants EUR 50,000 Prize to Energy Researchers KIT and SPC Are Awarded the EU SOFT Innovation Prize for Fusion Research for the Development of a Superconductor Concept with Outstanding Characteristics External Link
116 25.08.2016 Energy Training Courses in the English Language at KIT For the International Energy Sector: New Extra-occupational Courses for Specialists and Executive Staff to Start in November External Link
114 17.08.2016 Chemistry 2.0: KIT Participates in INERATEC Spinoff Innovation in the Energy Sector: INERATEC Develops, Produces, and Commercializes Compact Chemical Facilities to Convert Gases into High-quality Fuels External Link
 97 22.06.2016 “Flower Power”: Photovoltaic Cells Replicate Rose Petalst KIT scientists increase the efficiency of solar cells by replicating the structure of petals – publication in Advanced Optical Materials External Link
 82 31.05.2016 Outdoor Home Storage for the Energy Turnaround Intersolar Exhibition: Outdoor Storage Systems for Family Homes and Summerhouses / New Economic Solutions for the Installation of Photovoltaic Systems / Home Solar Energy
Storage Systems Put to Test External Link
 72 09.05.2016 Solar Power Home Storage Systems Put to Test SafetyFirst Project: KIT and Partners Launch Largest Study on the Safety, Quality, and Grid Suitability of Home Storage Systems so far External Link
 57 15.04.2016 Sustainable Solutions for Pressing Future Problems 2016 KIT Annual Celebration: Energy, Mobility, and Information in the Focus of Research – Knowledge for Society and the Environment – Hanselka on KIT 2025: Full Use of Synergy
Potentials External Link
 49 05.04.2016 ENSURE Is to Condition Grids for the Energy Turnaround ENSURE Consortium Is One of Four “Kopernikus Projects for the Energy Turnaround” of the Federal Government – EUR 30 Million Funding – Enhancing Compatibility of Central and
Decentralized Power Supply External Link
 37 15.03.2016 The Energy System from the User’s Perspective ENERGY-TRANS Helmholtz Alliance Confirms Importance of Participative Processes – Policy Briefs: Recommendations to Politics External Link
 26 19.02.2016 Decommissioning Cluster Pools International Expertise Cluster for Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities Pools Competencies of Five Partners from Three Countries and Strengthens Qualification and Training of Skilled Workers External Link
  2 04.01.2016 How Copper Makes Organic Light-emitting Diodes more Efficient KIT Researchers Measure Intersystem Crossing Directly in a Thermally Activated Delayed Fluo-rescence Copper Complex – Publication in Science Advances External Link
156 15.12.2015 Satellites Find Sustainable Energy in Cities KIT Researchers Identify Underground Heat Islands from Surface Temperature and Building
Density – Publication in  “Environmental Science & Technology” External Link
151 07.12.2015 Determining the Solar Energy Potentials of Private Homes EAGLESolar Project for Calculating Potential Energy Savings Resulting from Solar/Photovoltaic Systems on Individual Buildings – First Use of Supercomputers for Geomapping External Link
139 16.11.2015 Crack it! Energy from a Fossil Fuel without carbon di-oxide IASS and KIT develop a technology to produce hydrogen from methane without carbon dioxide emissions
sh/pi_2015_139_crack-it-energy-from-a-fossil-fuel-without-carbon-di-oxide.php External Link
134 10.11.2015 Better Energy Systems Thanks to Data Analysis The German Research Foundation (DFG) Funds New Research Training Group on Energy Informatics at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
sh/pi_2015_134_better-energy-systems-thanks-to-data-analysis.php External Link
125 27.10.2015 Energiewende: Combining Battery and Capacitor Next-generation Energy Storage System for Industry and Intralogistics – Recovery of Kinetic Energy of Machines and Balancing of Load Peaks
sh/pi_2015_125_energiewende-combining-battery-and-capacitor.php External Link
123 23.10.2015 Discussion on Transport and Energy in the City The “technik.kontrovers“ Series of Discussions Focuses on Opportunities and Risks Associated with Technical Developments
sh/pi_2015_123_discussion-on-transport-and-energy-in-the-city.php External Link
121 21.10.2015 District Heating and Green Electricity at KIT: More Green Power, Less Carbon Dioxide 5300 Tons of Carbon Dioxide Less Per Year Thanks to District Heating - From January 01, 2016: 100 Percent Green Electricity at Campus South Supplied by Stadtwerke Karlsruhe External Link
101 31.08.2015 Regional Generation, Use, and Storage of Power Integration of Batteries and Natural Gas (PTG) for Power Storage to Reduce Load of Long-distance Power Transmission Grid and Autonomous Energy Supply on Distribution Level External Link
 90 10.08.2015 New Online Course: English for the Energy Transition MOOC “Power Up: English for the Energy Transition“ to Start on September 21 - New Courses Relating to Energy and MOOC “Idea Genertaion Methods“ External Link
 68 22.06.2015 Bioenergy in the Upper Rhine Area - There Still Is Potential for Improvement KIT-coordinated Interreg Project for the Sustainable Use of Biomass in the Upper Rhine Region Presents Research Results and Guidelines - Trinational Conference on June 26 in Karlsruhe External Link
 60 09.06.2015 ACHEMA: KIT Presents Processes for the Energiewende At the Leading Trade Fair of Processing Industry, KIT Focuses on Biofuels, Renewable Resources, Synthesis Gas, and Battery Materials External Link
 51 18.05.2015 EST Energy Conference: Research for the Transformation of the Energy System Numerous KIT Speakers at the International Conference EST / Technologies for the Sustainable Development of Energy Systems External Link
 47 06.05.2015 Solar Power Storage Units Reduce Costs of the Energiewende KIT Starts Operation of a Solar Power Storage System at Its Helmholtz Institute in Ulm - Modern Battery Technology and Smart Power Control Make Solar Power Capable of Meeting Base Load Requirements External Link
 29 16.03.2015 Researchers Increase Energy Density of Lithium Storage Materials Optimized Storage Principle and New Material Increase Lithium Storage Density in Batteries External Link
 20 25.02.2015 KIT Establishes Competence Center for Decommissioning Pooled Expertise for Safe Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities within the Energiewende: Innovative Technologies - Radiation Protection - Technology Assessment External Link
  5 19.01.2015 Silicon Carbide Enhances Energy Efficiency KIT researchers study the use of novel power semiconductor switches in industry applications - Federal Ministry of Research funds cooperation project with about EUR 800,000 External Link
  4 14.01.2015 Energiewende: Integrating Renewable Energies Under the New Research Program SCI of the Helmholtz Association, Energy Storage Systems and Infrastructures Are Developed / About EUR 310 Million for Five Years of Research
156 24.11.2014 New Electolyte for the Construction of Magnesium-Sulfur Batteries Electrolyte of Excellent Electrochemical Stability and High Efficiency - Promising Potential for the Development of New Types of Batteries External Link
155 18.11.2014 bioliq®: Complete Process Chais Is Running High-quality Fuels from Residual Biomass - Plant Commissioning Ceremony with Representatives of the Federation and State - KIT President: Another Module for the Energiewende External Link
146 03.11.2014 Damage Caused by Geothermal Probes Is Rare KIT Researchers Analyze Events in Baden-Württemberg / Causes Can Be Identified and Prevented by Quality Assurance External Link
144 30.10.2014 Contact Studies: Technology Assessment and Energiewende Training Course Combines Science and Practice - Study Program for Experts and Executives Parallel to the Job External Link
141 27.10.2014 Superconducting Cable Reliably Supplies 10,000 Households with Electricity Operation of the Longest Superconducting Cable Worldwide Supplies First Technical Data / Appraisal of AmpaCity, Essen, after 180 Days External Link
139 24.10.2014 Energy Lab 2.0 - The Smart Energiewende Platform New Research Facility Links Producers with Storage Systems and Consumers - Investment Totaling EUR 22 Million External Link
137 21.10.2014 World`s Fastest Manufacture of Battery Electrodes KIT Scientists Increase the Production Speed to 100 Meters per Minute - New Coating Technology Reduces Costs of Manufacturing Process of Lithium-ion Batteries External Link
119 12.09.2014 Guided Visit at KIT on the Energiewende Day On the 2014 Baden-Württemberg Energiewende Days, KIT Offers Insight into Latest Research External Link
106 11.07.2014 Largest German Solar Power Storage Park Solar Cells, Batteries, and Power Inverters in a 1-MW Plant Generate and Buffer Solar Electricity Compatibly with the Power Grid / New and Safe Technology as a Building Block for the “Energiewende” External Link
102 09.07.2014 Heating and Electricity Supply Based on Renewable Sources “Sol2Heat” Combines a Heat Pump with Thermal Storage Systems, Photovoltaics, Time-depending Electricity Costs, and Smart Control External Link
 96 30.06.2014 Clever Energy - The Energiewende at Home KIT at the City Hall: KIT Energy Center Presents Research Relating to the "Energiewende" External Link
 79 12.06.2014 Science Camps at KIT: Adolescents Conduct Research KIT Center for Open and Distance Learning Offers Two Camps for Pupils: “Energy” from August 3 to 8 and “Geothermal Energy” from October 26 to 31, 2014 External Link
 75 05.06.2014 Energy-optimized Buildings: Keeping a Cool Head at the Workplace Students Participate in Setting up New Indoor Climate Chamber LOBSTER - Study Confirms Effect of Ceiling Fans External Link
 50 30.04.2014 Operation of Longest Superconducting Cable Worldwide Started RWE Deutschland, Nexans, and KIT Commission Inner-city Superconducting Cable of 1 km in Length / Demonstration of Technical and Economic Competitiveness External Link
 46 16.04.2014 Environmentally Compatible Organic Solar Cells KIT Coordinates “MatHero” Project Related to Sustainable and Low-cost Production Methods - EC Funds Project with EUR 3.5 Million External Link
 42 07.04.2014 Reducing Energy Consumption in Production Funding for Companies Investing in Energy-efficient Production Processes - The Project Management Agency Karlsruhe within KIT Coordinates Funding Program on Behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs External Link
 16 06.02.2014 Energy Bet: Wash int the Night and Win “Bet and Energy”: Gamification Concept of KIT and TUM Scientists Wins International Competition - Further Development at a Workshop in the Silicon Valley External Link
161 06.12.2013 POPUP - Novel Organic Solar Cells KIT Scientists Participate in New Research Project on Organic Photovoltaics - Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) Provides Funding of EUR 8 Million External Link
157 03.12.2013 Concepts for Sustainable Bioeconomy KIT Organizes Colloquium “Sustainable BioEconomy” on December 09, 2013 External Link
149 22.11.2013 OUI Biomasse - Yes to Sustainable Biomass Utilization INTERREG Project “Innovations for Sustainable Biomass Utilization in the Upper Rhine Region” - Trinational Conference on November 29 at Strasbourg External Link
134 25.10.2013 Alternative Energy Production Methods at KIT KIT Energy Center Presents Projects and Perspectives to Interested Citizens at the “2013 Science Dialog” on November 08 External Link
132 18.10.2013 Urban Unterground Holds Sustainable Energy Groundwater Aquifers in Conurbations Hold Geothermal Energy - Researchers Develop Model of Heat Flux into the Unterground External Link
041 21.03.2013 Hydrogen from Methane without CO2 Emissions Project with IASS Potsdam – Nobel Prize Laureate Carlo Rubbia Visits KIT External Link
032 28.02.2013 bioliq® Pilot Plant: Successful Operation of High-pressure Entrained Flow Gasification Complex process stage II realized – Customized motor fuels from biomass residue External Link
009 17.01.2013 Reliable Electric Power Supply for the Energy Turn-around The New Helmholtz Energy Alliance develops “Technologies for the Future Power Grid” External Link
002 04.01.2013 Superconductors for Efficient Wind Power Plants EU Project SUPRAPOWER: KIT Researchers Develop Cooling System for Novel Generator External Link
115 03.07.2012 Solar Power from Plastic Foils Organic Photovoltaics: Group of KIT Researchers is Granted Funding in the Amount of EUR 4.25 Million External Link
108 22.06.2012 Liquid Metals Are in the Focus of a New Research Alliance Liquid metals are the research focus of the new Helmholtz Alliance LIMTECH (Liquid Metal Technologies). External Link
 96 08.06.2012 New Master Program in Energy Technology New Interdisciplinary Program on Future Energy Supply Will Start in the 2012/2013 Winter Semester External Link
 88 25.05.2012 Energy-optimized Construction Integrated Energy Concept, User Satisfaction, and Economic Impacts on the Lifecycle: KIT Scientists Conduct Research under the BMWi Program “Energy-optimized Construction” External Link
 68 03.05.2012 High-temperature Alloys Enhance Energy Efficiency New Helmholtz Research School Trains Young Scientists in the Field of Materials Development External Link
 32 02.03.2012 One Year after Fukushima Reactor Accident Expert Groups Are Still Active External Link
 12 19.01.2012 World’s Longest Superconductor Cable RWE Deutschland, Nexans and KIT launch “AmpaCity” project to highlight advantages of super-conductors: the world’s longest superconductor system to replace inner-city high-voltage cable External Link
  7 13.01.2012 Superconducting Current Limiter Guarantees Electricity Supply of the Boxberg Power Plant New Superconducting Materials Improve the Efficiency and Reliability of Grids and Systems External Link
147 11.10.2011 Official Start of the Celitement Pilot Plant 100 kg of the Environmentally Compatible Cement Daily - Commissioning Is an Important Step to Maturity – Selected Place in the Land of Ideas External Link