KIT Energy Center



ENERGY - Transition. Change. Knowledge.

Scientists inform and discuss about the progress and challenges of the energy transition as well as the latest findings from energy research:

3. February: ENERGY STORAGE - Electrical. Thermal. Chemically.
The storage of large amounts of energy is a hitherto unsolved problem on the way to a CO2-neutral energy system.
Solutions for new battery technologies, thermal storage and the conversion of renewable energy into chemical energy sources.

17. February: RENEWABLE ENERGIES - Sun. Earth. Wind.
Wind, solar and geothermal energy enable an almost unlimited supply of energy. Potentials, challenges and the latest research trends.

23. March: ENERGY SYSTEM - Development Paths. Technology. Markets (canceled)
In order to drive the energy transition forward, the energy system must be redesigned. Possible development paths, technical innovations and the challenges for the energy markets are highlighted.

Workshop with the city of Karlsruhe and the KIT Centers for Energy, Climate and Environment, KIT

January 2021
Colloquium of the Karlsruhe Energy Research Partnership (FPS KA), KIT

Hannover Messe

Open-door day