New KIT Graduate School „Enabling Net Zero“ (ENZo)

Climate change remains one of the greatest global challenges. The necessary fundamental change in the energy system requires profound changes in the complex technological system, but also change processes in society.

The new graduate school "Enabling Net Zero" (ENZo) aims to enable doctoral students - basing on their doctoral thesis - to keep an eye on the energy system as a whole and to develop a high level of competence for the necessary interdisciplinary cooperation and the interplay of technologies in the context of sector coupling and the circular economy.

The ENZo Graduate School will support doctoral researchers from the KIT Energy Center both in their current research and in preparing for their future work in a highly dynamic environment. It aims at providing the next generation of researchers with the necessary interdisciplinary knowledge and tools to work on projects that can visibly contribute to the successful restructuring of the energy system and the associated societal change.

To this end, a structured qualification concept is being developed that includes both specialist and interdisciplinary topics and further training opportunities as well as a network at various levels. Particular emphasis is placed on the ability to work in interdisciplinary teams and on promoting the independence and creativity of the doctoral students.
The multidisciplinary real-world projects, in which the doctoral students work independently in small teams to develop solutions and implement them in a product or result, serve as a special application-related element.

The KIT Energy Center will receive start-up funding for ENZo for the first five years from funds of the Excellence Initiative.

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