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Vice President for Research
Prof. Dr. Oliver Kraft
Prof. Dr. Schulenberg
Academic Spokesperson
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Schulenberg


Geschäftsführer Dr. Breh
Managing Director
Dr. Wolfgang Breh


LookKIT 2016/1: Energie

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Energy for Tomorrow
Flyer KIT Energy Center

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Welcome to the KIT Energy Center

The KIT Energy Center with its 1500 scientists and technical support staff is one of the largest energy research centers in Europe. It bundels the energy research activities of the KIT and reknown cooperation partners. By this, it crosses the lines between disciplines and combines fundamental and applied research in all relevant energies for industry, household, service and mobility.


The involved institutes and research groups conduct the research work on their own authority. The joining of subjects, the interdisciplinary collaboration of scientists, and the common use of high-end devices and installations, develops a new quality of research and teaching. The KIT Energy Center develops solutions in energy technology from a single source and acts as a highly valuable consultancy institution for politics, business, and society in all questions of energy.

The working areas of the KIT Energy Center are structured in seven topics.



Research Initiative on Regenerative Fuels

Policy Dialogue on Automotive Industry: State Government, KIT, and Industry Agree on ”reFuels - Rethinking Fuels“ Project to Explore Alternatives to Fossil Fuels

Further Information
Prof. Thumm
Auszeichnung für Professor Manfred Thumm

Für seine Arbeiten im Bereich der Fusionsforschung wurde Professor Manfred Thumm vom Institut für Hochleistungsimpuls- und Mikrowellentechnik mit einem Forschungspreis geehrt.

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Diamond – An Indispensable Material in Fusion Technology

KIT Researchers Develop Window Units with Diamond Disks for Fusion Reactors – New Disk with a Record Diameter of 180 mm

Further Information
Renewable Fuel from the Sewage Treatment Plant

Pilot Plant near Barcelona Produces Synthetic Natural Gas from Renewable Electricity and Carbon Dioxide – Its Core Component Is Made by INERATEC, a Spinoff of KIT

Further Information
New Superconductor Technology for the Transmission Grid

Researchers Design Superconducting Cable for High-voltage Power Transmission– Feasibility Study Reveals Advantages over Conventional Cable Systems

Further Information
10 Years of KIT Energy Center

On June 26, 2018 the KIT Energy Center Is Celebrating its Anniversary – The Program also Includes the Presentation of the Heinrich Hertz Award

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Live and Precise Recording of Grid Voltage and Load Currents

The EDR – Electrical Data Recorder Supplies High-resolution Measurement Data from Grid Operation

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Redox Flow Battery: Storage System for the Energy Transition

KIT Researchers Expect Breakthrough of Flow Technology and Present an Automatic Battery Management System

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Mikro-Energieversorgung ohne Batterie und Kabel

Das Start-up des KIT otego GmbH hat mit „oTEG“ den weltweit ersten kommerziellen gedruckten Thermoelektrischen Generator entwickelt

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